Anne Frank

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Anne Frank

Amsterdam, the Netherlands 1942-1945The Secret Annexe: A three story building that is Mr. Otto Frank's work place. Lived in hidden room's in and behind the company's premises on a street along one of the Amsterdam's canal's. Hidden by a locked cupboard, or a secret door.


By: B.M. Mooyaart

Name: Hannah Thornhill Date: 10/1/14 Per: 4

~ Margot recieved a deportion order~ The Franks moved into hiding in the "Secret Annexe"~ The Van Daan's and Mr. Dussel joined them~ The Germans surrender in the battle of Stalingrad~ Anne realizes the many feelings of "other's" in the annexe.~ Anne kisses Peter and spend's more and more time with him

Main Events

Anne FrankEdith Frank (mom)Otto Frank (dad)Margot Frank (sister)Mr. Van DannMrs. Van DannPeter Van DannAlbert DusselMr. KralerMiep GiesElizabeth (Bep) VoskuijlElli Vossen


Anne Frank The Diary Of A Young Girl



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Anne and her family are forced to go into hiding, along with other Jews, in the annexe of Mr. Otto Frank's work place, with out much food or water. Due to World War ll.

Anne Frank and the other's survived in the "Secret Annexe" for three years, and had almost survived, until the annexe was raided and they were all forced to a camp where the boys and girls were them seperated. Mr Frank was the only one to live.

I enjoyed Anne Franks telling of her three years in the "Secret Annexe." She faced what was every teenaged girls nightmare, being forced to have to live in a small space that contained several other people who she didn't always get along with if it meant surviving. Anne also had a level of emotional problems. It's a story middle school girls can relate to but something everybody can enjoy.




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