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Anne Frank

Anne was born on July 12, 1929. When Anne became four, Hitler took power. Immediately, he started making laws to limit Jews to do things. Anne and her family then moved to the Netherlands to get away from everything. Then Margot, Anne’s sister, received a notice saying that she was going to be deported from the Netherland. Then the family moved to Holland and moved into the Annex. They hid there for three years. Anne wrote just about everything that happened in the Annex in her diary. She wrote down the things she saw out her window, her daily routines, what it was like to live in the Annex with her family and the people who came to hide with them, her crush, her body changing, and all the fights they had. In her diary, she is talking to someone named Kitty. That is what she decided to name her diary. When the police found where they were hiding, they raided the Annex. They scattered the papers from her diary all over the Annex and they took the valuable things they had. They separated the whole family. Anne and her sister were sent to the same camp. Their mom and dad were sent to a different camp. Anne, her sister, and their mom died. Otto, Anne’s dad, was the only one who survived.


June 12, 1929- Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany.Summer of 1933- Anne and her family moved to Holland to escape the persecution in Germany.June 12, 1942- Anne received a diary for her 13th birthday.July 5, 1942-Anne and her family moved into the Annex.August 4, 1944- The Annex was raided by the police.End of October 1944- Anne died.April 30, 1945- Miep Gies saved the diary and gave it to Otto Frank.June 25,1947-Her diary was published in Dutch.

She started a diary on June 12, 1942.She managed to hide from the Nazis for three years from July 5, 1942 to August 4, 1944.Otto edited her diary on April 30, 1945.He had it published in Dutch on June 25, 1947.He then had it published in several languages in 1950.

Lasting Impact

Anne’s most significant contribution is her diary. It told people what life was like as a Jew in Germany, like having to hide in a building, not being able to walk out and get some fresh air or be able to go to the store. Her diary affected the world by telling people how horrible the Jews had suffered. We will never know what it is like to live in a situation like Anne’s. Her diary is still making an impact on the world today. Although we learn about the Holocaust in school, it is different reading a book about someone’s experience with it. In her diary, Anne mentions that she is looking out the window of the Annex and she sees Jews being taken away by the Nazis and how terrified she was that was going to happen to her and her family. She also mentions how her father has told her about their neighbors and her friends being taken away. I knew that the Holocaust was a horrible thing, but when I read her diary, I felt like I was there.

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Anne Frank



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