Anne Frank

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Anne Frank



- She was born in Frankfurt, Germany on June 12, 1929!!!!!!- In 1933, Anne, Margot (sister), her father (Otto), and her mother (Edith) moved to Amsterdam.- For her 13th birthday she received a diary, her favorite of all her presents, and named it "Kitty."- She was a Jew.- She went to a Montessori school, but because of Nazi rules, she soon had to switch to a Jewish Lyceum school.- When World War II started, her father and some of his office friends created an annex in the office. The family then stayed there in hiding.- One day, in August, 1944, just after 2 years of hiding, the family was found and put in a Jewish concentration camp.- Their mother died from starvation because she was giving most of her food to her two daughters. -Anne and Margot both died later from typhus in the Bergen-Belsen camp. -Her father survived and later found Anne's diary and kept it, later to become famous and published.

Anne Frank


Born:June 12,1929

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