Anne Frank

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Social Studies
World War II

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Anne Frank

The short life of Anne Frank

Fast Facts - Lived in Amsterdam during the holocaust - Died of typhus in a concentration camp- Her diary is now a famous book

Anne FrankCreated By Elizabeth Goodrich

Anne's Diary

The Frank family and Anne's grandparents.

Anne's father, Otto, was the only one in the family to survive through the war.

Where Anne and her family lived.

This bookcase hid Anne and her family's secret annex.

Anne had a lot of spare time in the annex, so she wrote in her diary, studied, and enjoyed reading.

Anne's mom received a call ordering her to a relocation to a work camp. This forced the Frank family to go into hiding.

Anne and her family hid in the secret annex for two years and one month.

Anne's Diary is now a famous book.



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