Anne Frank Project-Laughing Tomatoes

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Language Arts

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Anne Frank Project-Laughing Tomatoes

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A collection of poems written in English and Spanish that tells stories about the author's family, life and nature. The author gets into specifics about the history of his family and Latinos in the US. Through the poems in this book, the author teaches its readers many life lessons such as knowledge about seasons, latino traditions and holidays, the book also gives information about family and migration.


Teaching Social Justice Through Children's Literature

The teacher can use this book to explore the different types of poetry and different formats of poetry. The teacher can discuss how the author uses form, rhyme, rhythm, pause and stanzas to convey the idea of the book.The teacher can also use this book to help explain the different poems in the book. Students can choose three poems from the book and compare and contrast them, then create their own poem using details and poetry styles used in the text.

Pedagogical ideas

How does the poem portray Cinco de Mayo? How is that different from other views?What importance does César Chávez have to the book and the history of Spanish Americans?How are strawberries used as a symbol to describe the hearts of young children?

Critical Thinking Questions

"Laughing Tomatoes and Other Spring Poems" by Francisco X. Alarcón

Social Justice Connection

Current Social Justice Connection

This book of poetry can be used to discuss child labor. One of the poems in the book, Strawberries, discusses the hearts left by children when they work in the fields. This emphasizes the hard work that children put into working; they left their childhood and loving hearts in the fields when they were picking strawberries.

N, F., & Gonzalez, M. (1997). Laughing tomatoes and other spring poems = Jitomates risueños y otros poemas de primavera : Poems. San Francisco, Calif.: Children's Book Press.

Universal Spiral"There are no endings,just new beginnings"

First Rain"Is it raining, or is the sky crying?"

Spring"The hills are starting to crack a green smile once agsin"

Strawberriessweettenderheartsoh! left by the childrenworking the fields



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