Anne Frank During WWII

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Social Studies
World War II

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Anne Frank During WWII

The Holocaust was a time of mass murder of Jews in Europe between 1939 and 1945 or the Second World War. The Nazis captured and killed about three million Jews during the Holocaust!

The Secret Annexe

Mister PfefferFritz Pfeffer - Fritz once did some dentistry in the secret annexe. It didn't turn out to well...

The secret annexe consisted of five floors. The actual annexe part was only two with an attic. The first floor was part of the store rooms, the second, offices to accompany workers ( as it was a store house ). The third floor was where it got interesting. On the third floor the only entrance to the secret annexe was hidden by a bookcase, when you got through there was a staircase to the fourth floor.

The forth floor was where the Van Pels slept and also a makeshift dining and living space. Back to the third floor. The third floor was where Anne and her family slept also accompanied by Mister Fritz Pfeffer. On the fifth floor was an attic, Anne liked to sit up here because it was quite and she could see the outside world from a window.

The Holocaust

Hitlers Final Solution

Hitler's Final Solution or The Final Solution was Hitler's plan to wipe out all of the Jews. The Final Solution was executed in stages, first the Nazis would rise to political power, then they would implement anti-Jew laws and finally kill them all! (it's pretty gruesome really).

The FranksAnne - Anne wrote a diary which then became the famous story of Anne Frank.Otto Frank - Otto is Anne's Dad and the leader of the group in the people in the secret annexe.Edith Frank - Edith is Anne's Mum and is often very gloomy in the secret annexe.Margot Frank - Margot is Anne's older sister she is very calm.

The Van PelsPeter Van Pels - Peter is the Van Pels son he later fell in love with Anne.Hermann Van Pels - Hermann likes to tell jokes.Auguste Van Pels - She likes to discuss politics

A Timeline of Events1940-1945

Anne Frank During WWII


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