Anne Frank

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Anne Frank

Anne Frank, was a Jewish, teenage girl living during the holocaust. She hid from the Nazi's in a Secret Annex Room for two years, all the while writing in her diary about her experiences.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank: June 12, 1929-March 1945

Before she went into hiding with her family, Anne lived a normal life

After the war ended, Otto Frank, Anne's father, returned home to search desperately for his family, only to find they had all died weeks before. A friend of the Franks had found Anne's diary and kept it for several years, now giving it to Otto.

After hiding for two years in the Secret Annex Room, Anne and her family were found and taken to concentration camps in Poland. They were separated, all except for Anne and her sister.

Otto was stunned at Anne's ability to put her thoughts into words, in this abyss of chaos. He decided to publish the diary, which turned out, today, to be one of the most popular childrens' book all over the world.

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