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Anne Frank

Translation- this is a photo as I would wish I would wish myself to look all the time. Then I would maybe have a chance to come to Hollywood.- Anne Frank, October 10th, 1942

Character Traits- Anne was outgoing, comical and popular before she went into hiding. She had many friends and was very likable. She was the complete opposite of her sister being loud and talkative as her sister was quiet and shy. She was very optimistic during the tough times while she recorded it all in her diary which she named Kitty. She was very creative and wrote many short stories, saying she wanted to become a writer after the war was over and hopefully one day get her diary published. When in hiding, she was very mature and felt like she was being rushed through her childhood during and before hiding, for she could not participate in many activities her non-jewish friends were doing like go to the cinemas or any form of entertainment, ride her bike (there was a law all jews had to turn in their bicycles), go shopping (only between 3:00 and 5:00 pm), use swimming pools, tennis courts and any other athletic fields, visit any nonjews in their homes, and they had to go to jewish schools.

Annelies Marie Frank (Anne Frank)June 12th, 1929-March 1945

Despite everything, I believe people are really good at heart- Anne Frank

Significant moments in Anne Frank's lifeJune 12th,1929- Annelies Marie Frank is born1933- the Frank family moves to Amsterdam1941- Anne is transferred to a jewish only schoolJune 12th, 1942- Anne is given a diary which she names Kitty for her 13th birthdayJuly 6th, 1942- The Franks go into hidingAugust 4th, 1944- The members of the Secret Annex are arrestedMarch 1945- Margot and Anne die in Bergen Belsen (a concentration camp) of a horrible diesease known as TyphusJuly 1945- Otto Frank (Anne's Father) finds out Margot and Anne have died. He is the only survivor of the family. Miep Gies (His old austrian born secretary who helped the Franks while they were in hiding) gives Otto Anne's Diary which she found on the floor after the Nazi's found the Franks.June 25th,1947- Otto Frank publishes the Diary Of Anne Frank in the Netherlands and it soon becomes a big success.The Diary has been translated in 67 languages today and has sold over 30 million copies.

The Secret Annex Online-Explore the the small attic where Anne hid for two years

Setting and Circumstances- Anne grew up in a lovely family but unfortunatley during a bad time. The Nazi Party was rising to power and they believed jews were the reason for all of their problems such as the great depression. Anne was Jewish and living in Germany when she was young, but her smart parents sensed there might be a war and thought it would be unsafe to raise children there. The Franks moved to Amsterdam in 1933. Anne always had wanted to travel and explore the world but never really got a chance to before she died. She was a regular school girl and was popular and had many friends. A lot of other children went though the same harsh treatment as many other Jewish children- she was one of over a million- but Anne Frank is one of the most remember because she had a diary she kept and wrote very detailed, vivid, descriptions and when it was published she became famous as a inspiring, young, brave Jewish student who was and still is a role model for everyone facing Anti Semitism and still remaining optomistic and kind.

Contributions and Accomplishments- Anne Frank was a very young courageous girl going through a tough time. Anne is an inspiration to all of us as she kept a positive attitude during the worst times of her life.Her diary went on to become world famous and is still captivating readers today. Anne Frank will always be remembered as a brave young girl who recorded her intelligent thoughts about the world in her diary, Kitty. Anne was like millions of other jewish kids, but she wrote down her experiences, so when her diary was published, she became famous. Therefore, Anne Frank is a role model to everyone around the world today.

Anne and her older sister, Margot

The Frank Family- (From left to right) Margot Frank, Otto Frank, Anne Frank, and Edith Frank

By: Rachel Soule

Anne's Diary

Influeneces-Anne admired and adored her smart father Otto Frank, who encouraged her in school and in her writing. One day, while in the Secret Annex, the 8 members huddled around the radio, which was on a very low volume because they couldn't be heard,and the speaker said that not only will the documents made in the war will be important after, but the real accounts of people who have suffered. he mentiomned a few specific examples, and when he said a diary, all eyes turned to Anne. That night, anne went through her diary and started to revise it and give it more depth.She hoped to one day get it published after the war, but things didn't nessicarily work out as planned. From that day on, she wrote more about the struggles in the annex. She decided to call the hiding place the Secret Annex because she was sure it was a name that would attract publishers, and maybe even Hollywood producers.

Major Obstacles-Anne had to go into hiding in the secret annex for two years. The members could not make the slightest noise, because there was a office on the floor below. They had daily routines of what the could do like going to the bathroom at a certain time, they couldnt talk, and she had not gone outside the entire time in the annex, saying she longed for fresh air in her diary. She was terrified the day the Nazi's came and f arrested all 8 members of the Secret Annex. She had horrible conditions at the concentration camps, along with million of other Jews. By the time Anne frank had spent a while in hiding, she wasn't the same funloving, outgoing and energetic person she used to be. She was growing up during a very unfortunate time, and that might have had a effect on Anne.


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