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Anne Frank

CHARACTER TRAITS: Anne Frank was a very talkative young lady, she had her own mind and wouldn't let anyone tell her otherwise. Anne had a very active and enthusiastic childhood, she loved school and enjoyed writing and reading in her spare time. On her 13th birthday she got a diary, she would soon write about her life in it. She is very gifted with her writing. Anne is a very whimsical person, she usually kept her thoughts and feelings to herself. However, she often got into arguments with the others in the Secret Annex. Despite the fighting, Anne developed into a very mature young lady in hiding.

MAJOR OBSTACLES CONTINUNED: After the people in hiding were captured, they were all sent to concentration camps. All eight people who had been hiding got transferred to many different camps , they were segregated by gender. Anne and Margot Frank died in the camp, Bergen-Belsen, in March 1945. Anne was about 16 years old when she died. Out of all of the people who went into hiding, only one survived, Otto Frank.

MAJOR OBSTACLES: Anne Frank was born during a very misfortunate time in the world. Growing up, the Frank family had to move a lot because Nazi party was expanding. This brings worries to Otto and Edith (Anne's father and mother), but they do not share their concern with their children. However, on July 5th, 1942 the Frank family received a letter ordering Margot(Anne's sister) to attend a Nazi labor camp. They secretly started to move into the Secret Annex. On July 6th, at half past 5, they left their home. They put bundles of clothes on, and walked to the Secret Annex. The Frank family left everything at their home, even their cat! The next morning they picked up right where they had left off. Later on in the week the Van Pels family moved in, with the Frank family. On November 10, 1942 an eighth person was moving in, Fritz Pfeffer. Anne got in many of disagreements with him. The secret Annex got very crowded.

SINGNIFICANT MOMENTS:When you think of significant moments in your life, you most likely think of happy moments. However, Anne Frank's was not! It was a humid summer morning of August 4, 1944, when 5 men wearing the Dutch Nazi uniform climbed up the stairs of the Secret Annex. They drew their revolvers, and ordered them to hand over their valuables. All eight of them had their hands up in the air. They were allowed to pack a few cloths before they had to leave. Then all of the people who were in hiding were taken away in a covered truck. Some of the Frank's photo albums, which Miep(helped the Frank's while they were in hiding) managed to save from the Secret Annex, including Anne's diary.

INFLUENCES: Anne Frank loved to read and write. While she was in hiding, that is what kept her occupied. When Anne grew up she wanted to be a journalist and write and publish books. Anne kept these ideas all throughout her lifetime. Even though sometimes they feel so hard to reach she always kept trying. One day, Anne heard all of the diaries would be collected after the war ended, she decided to rewrite her own diary so that it could be published. Sometimes she had doubts of doing rewriting it. I believe Anna Frank was her own influence!

ANNE FRANK1929-1945

By: Emily Schneider

Anne Frank writing at her desk.

The Secret Annex (in blue), was attached to Otto Frank's workshop. Many people helped the Franks and the others in hiding, mostly Otto's employees.

This is the bookcase that covered the entrance/staircase to the Secret Annex.

This is Anne Frank's diary, she named her diary "Kitty" .Kitty soon became her best friend when she went into hiding. Little did she know that her diary would soon become famous world wide!

Anne Frank's diary is published worldwide

Click on the Anne Frank Book (below), to discover more about Anne Frank's life!



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