Anne Frank

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Anne Frank

Act 1 Scene 1 It was horrible because I can’t do all the hobbies that I used to do like go to the movies theater and riding my bike. The reason I put this for my status because I don’t have a lot of privilege’s that she used to have.

Act 1 Scene 2 Today when we moved to the secret annex, from 8am through 6pm we could not do anything. The reason I put this for my status because I would feel angry just sitting and not moving a muscle. Another reason for this statue is because you could not eat, entertain yourself, and talk.

Act 1 Scene 3 Today I Mr. Van Daan told me that I never stop talking and why can’t I be like Margot. Also today Peter kept calling Me A quack quack because I keep talking and never stop. I put this for my Status because Peter and Mr. Van Daan told her the same thing that I never stop talking. Another reason for this status is because Anne spilled milk on Ms. Van Daan and she got mad and went to her room.

Act 1 Scene 4The dream I had was horrible thanks to father he helped me brake free from it and he seemed to care more about me than anything else. I put this for my status because it sees to me that like her dad is right there for anne even though It was only a dream he cares for her and brings her water.

Act 2 Scene 1So today some thing horrible happened Mr. Kraler was in the hospital and everyone though It was are fault due to the fact that we made him frustrated. That was not the only reason some man named Carl was really suspicious about Mr. Kraler and that he was not telling him something. The reason I put this status is because Mr. Kraler was like the one that let them hide in the annex and plus he would risk his life for the Franks. Another reason is because Carl was saying that he was going to blackmail him, and he wanted the money.

Act 1 Scene 5Today we were celebrating hanukkah and I gave presents for everyone so they can see that I changed and we sang a song that I liked and we enjoyed it. I put this for my status because it shows how the family does care about there religion and the people around them.

Act 2 Scene 2Today I was going to Peters room to talk but my mom was trying to convince me not to go. Me and Peter are getting closer as friends and we share are opinions what we though about each other from the beginning. The reason I put this as my status is because Peter and Anne are not fighting anymore and they are staring to become really good friends.

Act 2 Scene 5Today was my last day with this diary because we go caught by someone that we were living in the annex I had told goodbye to all of the people in the annex. The reason I put this as my status is because the people in the annex have gotten caught and know they are go the camps.

Act 3 Scene 4 Today we were all in the annex and Mr. Dussal would not stop say put up the phone but my dad would not do anything to risk ourselves. The reason I put this sentence as my status is because Mr. Dussal thought it was Meip that was trying to contact us but Mr. Frank would do nothing to pick it up

Act 2 Scene 3What happened today was awful because we found Mr. Van Daan stealing food for everyone. He know that we were also hungry and he knows it but the good news is that the invasion has began. The reason I put this for my status is because Mr. Van Daan knows that the other 7 people who were in the annex were hungry as well but the invasion had cheered all of us up due to the fact we did not have to live in the annex anymore

What Anne Frank really like doing is spending time with her friends after school for example, she going over to there house. Anne family included Ottio Frank, Margot Frank and Edith Frank. When Anne died was March 1945 and she was born June 12, 1929.

Anne Frank


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