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Anne Frank

Anne Frank 1929-1945 Journalist

In the Camp of Misery/Interesting Life ExperienceThis is a concentration camp here. This shows how Anne Frank was treated in the concentration camp. She died in the concentration camp because it was too overcrowded.

The Diary/Personal AchievementsThis is Anne frank's diary, it is what she is known for. In her diary she talks what life was like in hiding. In hiding she had to overcome a lot of scary experiences. She received the diary when she was 13 years old. Anne Frank's diarys got published in 1944.

In hiding/Interesting Life ExperienceAnne Frank and her family had to hide in the back of their own family business. The Natzies had gained controll of holland (that's where they lived). They took all jews to these concentration camps which were very miserable.

Birth place/EducationAnne Frank was born in June 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. She had to move to Holland in 1933. She went to a jewish secondary school.

BackgroundAnne Frank Is a jew and her life takes places during world war 2 which is a dangerous time for jews. Anne Frank is writing a diary about all of the things that are going on in her life. In 1462 Anne Franks family was in Judengasse. She lived her sister Margot and her mom Edith Frank and dad Otto Frank.

Influential PersonHer parents were kind of Anne Frank's influential person by giving her the diary. But she mostly she influenced herself to write because she wanted to become famous one day. So she decided to write about her life.

Anne Frank


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