Annamaria, Monika, Antonio & Alex

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Annamaria, Monika, Antonio & Alex

Hi! My name's Antonio. I'm a 13-year-old boy with brown hair and brown eyes. I live in Campobasso.I have got two brothers.My favourite subjects are Maths and Geography but I don't like History and Italian.I love watching Formula 1 and my favourite Ferrari driver is Fernando Alonso. My hobbies are playing volleyball, driving the quad, listening to music and collecting Ferrari models.I'm a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo who plays in the Real-Madrid team.What about you?Bye!!! See you!!! Antonio

Hi! My name is Monika, I' m fourteen years old. I’m from Kosovo but now I live in Campobasso. I’m tall; I’ve got brown hair and green eyes. My family is composed by six people: dad, mum, two sisters, one little brother and me. My mum is thirty-six years old and she is a housewife, my dad is thirty-eight years old and he is mechanic. My biggest sister is fifteen, my smallest sister is eight and my brother is seven years old. I have a bird at home and his name is Kevin. I like to go out for a walk with my friends, listen to music and spend some time on the internet. I love travelling and I would like to visit America, Africa and Japan. I’m learning to play the piano.My favorite subjects are: English, Art, and Maths…..My favorite group is ONE DIRECTION because they are very nice and beautiful too. My favorite song of theirs is Live While we’re Young and Kiss You.At school I play volleyball and it’s very funny. I love playing football too. My favorite team is MILAN and my favorites players are: Stephan El Shaarawy, Mattia De Sciglio and Mario Balotelli. This is all…see you soon…bye bye!!!

Hello,my name is Alex D’Alfonso. I’m 13. I’m 1.60 m. tall and I weigh 40Kg. I have got brown eyes and brown hair. I have two sisters of six and ten years old.I attend the third class of the secondary school L. Montini in Campobasso. My friends say I study hard so they phone me when they are absent or when they don’t know anything.My favourite subject is Maths but I don’t like Music, Art and HistoryI like playing volleyball, football and basketball.My favourite football team is Napoli and my idol is the striker Edinson Cavani.I’m very fond of cycling. Two years ago I didn’t go to school to see the 'Giro d’Italia' passing in Campobasso. In my free time I prefer to read books or watch TV ( I usually watch detective films, documentaries or sports programs). My intention is to attend the Liceo Scientifico next school year. I would like to become an astronaut.Bye, Alex

Hi, I’m Annamaria, I’m 13 and I live in Campobasso. I’ve got long and brown hair, brown eyes and I’m tall and slim. I haven’t got any brothers or sisters.I attend the school “Leopoldo Montini” . My favorite subject is French , but I don’t like art and history. I love cats, because they are friendly and softly. What is your favorite animal?In my free-time I usually watch TV or listen to music My favorite singer is Alessandra Amoroso and my favorite song of her is “Niente” …And who is your favorite singer? I like the film “Titanic”… and its music. That's all!!! Bye!!! See you!!!

HALLO from Annamaria, Monika,Antonio and Alex!NICE TO MEET YOU!



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