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Social Studies
American History

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Minnijean Brownof the nine experienced verbal and physical harassment during the 1957-1958 school year at Central, Brown was first suspended, and then expelled for retaliating against daily torment.

Elizabeth EckfordThe image of 15-year old Eckford, walking alone through a screaming mob in front of Central High School, propelled the crisis into the nation's living rooms and brought international attention to Little Rock.

Ernest GreenGreen made history as the only senior among the "Little Rock Nine." His place in Arkansas' civil rights history was solidified when he became the first African-American to graduate from the previously all-white high school in May of 1958.

Melba Pattillo BealsShe later recounted her experience at Central High School in her book Warriors Don't Cry: A Searing Memoir of the Battle To Desegregate Little Rock's Central High School.

Little Rock Nine History

Jefferson ThomasYoungest of the 7 children at Little rock nine, parents named him after the president of the US. Thomas and the other students of the Little Rock Nine were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal by President Bill Clinton.


Events:1. In 1957 Little Rock nine first joined an all white school to attempt to stop segregation2. In 1954 the supreme courtdeclared segregation unconstitutonal3. In 1957 Little Rock police officers and over 1,000 integration protestors surround the school in anticipation of the black students’ attempt to enter the school.4. On September 25 1957 The Little Rock Nine, under protection from federal troops, enter Central High School through the front entrance.5. Fifty Years Later The courageous efforts of the Little Rock Nine are celebrated as one of the most defining chapters in Little Rock's history

Facts About Little Rock Nine:

Little Rock Then, Little rock now!Little Rock Then: Segregation and no freedom to do what wanting to do, Little Rock Now: Legend for standing up against segregation!

Little Rock Nine compares to North carolina now because even back then when we had hardly any freedom we stood up for what we believed, We still do that no matter the situation.


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