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Annabel Lee

"Annabel Lee"

by EDGAR ALLAN POEEdgar Allen Poe is a critically acclaimed poet and author. He was born in New England in 1809. He was raised in New England by family friends after his parents' untimely deaths when he was a toddler. He served in the military, attended one year of university, and married his 14 year old cousin before he started his serious writing. Poe's stories were written in the later years of the Romantic Period and the very beginnings of the Victorian Period. Poe is known for his gothic and emotional style in his poems. He intentionally makes the reader understand the dementia of his voice in the poems.

The rose represents how the speaker still sees his Annabel Lee: dead but beautiful.

We Loved With a Love that was more than Love...

The poem Annabel Lee is a love story between the speaker and a beautiful maiden Annabel Lee. Like most young people, he feels their love was deep, complex, and unlike any other's. The speaker is very bitter over the death of his lover. He blames simple, harmless things for her death because of his pain. He still believes that their love has survived her grave; he still dreams about their short time together.

The quote above is a key passage in the poem because it directly explains how the speaker felt, still feels, and will always feel about his love. It conveys how very personal his and Annabel Lee's relationship was.

For the moon never beams without giving me dreams of the beautiful Annabel Lee

The rhyme gives the line a certain cadence and romantic feel. It gives it continuity and makes the idea complete. It altogether is pleasant to say.



the SEA

This image shows the haunting of Annabel Lee. The speaker, especially when he stands in the kingdom by the sea, is always met with the ghost of Annabel Lee.

In life, if you have something perfect and amazing, it cannot stay. Wonderful things can only last for a limited amount of time.

Annabel Lee and the speaker's love bloomed by the sea, and I believe that he connects the two directly. Her spirit, to him, is linked to the ocean

Literally, Annabel Lee died by an illness brought on from catching a cold. However, the idea that all of nature, even the harmless things like the wind, was against their love make this poem more bittersweet.

That the wind came out of the clouds by night; chilling and killing my Annabel Lee


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