Anna Gives Thanks

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Anna Gives Thanks

I am thankful for:1. I am thankful for my family because they love me no matter what.2. I am thankful for my home because it makes me feel safe.3. I am thankful for food because I get food on my dinner table each night. 4. I am thankful for my health because I can play soccer and still have the energy to keep playing outside after.5. I am thankful for my education because inother countries girls don't get to go to school.6.I am thankful for my freedom so I can be free to think and say what I want.7. I am thankful for my faith, so I can pray how I want when I want.8. I am thankful for my friends because they don't care for my flaws but who I am.9. I am thankful for my pets because they love me and play with me no matter what.10. I am thankful for clean water because I have learned lately that not a lot of people have it.


"10 Things I am Thankful For"By: Anna Petroze

Did you know?

4 ways fifth graders can help


1).We can try to give more than we expect to recieve2).We can donate canned goods to our local canned food drive3). We can take clothes and other things we don't need to our local thrift shops4. Practice Random Acts of Kindness

-In Kentucky 26% of children live in poor families-Almost one billion children in the world live without basic sanitation-1,065,794 is the number of homeless children across the nation

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