Anna Frank

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Social Studies
World War II

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Anna Frank

Your job is to create a Glog that will illustrate your understanding of the world that Anne Frank lived in and the circustances that she found herself. Your goal is to answer the question: Are people really good at heart?You are to use as much multimedia as you need to complete your project.The more expansive and thorough the better the grade.


Create a Glog:"Anne Frank: The World She Lived In."

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1) Include a timeline of historical events_outside and inside the Annex2) Answer the question: Are People really good at heart? Use evidence from the story and outside resources to support your claim.3)Provide visuals, videos, links, color, effects that give a full picture of the world Anne Frank lived in. Include include anything from the play or from her life after she was taken from the Annex.


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