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Social Studies
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Sacagawea's son (Jean-Baptiste)was born on Febuary 11,1805. His nickname was "Little Pomp"or"Pompy".

Sacagawea was a translator for Lewis and Clark.

Sacagawea spoke Hidatsa and Shoshone(two very different languages).

Sacagawea helped Lewis and Clark find plants and food that was good to eat or good for medicine.

Sacagawea is guiding the way.

Sacagawea had a son named Jean-Baptiste. She always carried him on her back.

Sacagawea had a daughter and her name was Lisette. She was born in 1812

This is Sacagawea,her son,and her daughter's resting place.

Sacagawea brought her son on the journy to show people that they meant peace and not war.

Sacagawea's Shoshone relatives provided with supplies and safe passage through their lands.

Lewis and Clark wrote in a journal almost every thing that Sacagawea showed them.

Sacagawea saved notebooks from a canoe that had overturned.

This is Lake Sacagawea.

This Sacagaweaon this coin.This coin was made in 2000.



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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your poster. This is very informative and creative!! I am a fifth grade teacher and am looking forward to sharing this with my students.

    Thank you!
    Mrs. Berry