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Anna Claire


By: Anna Wish

Where do they happen the most, and how many per year?

-most happen by rocky plates,there are 20 plates

-about 1 million a year

-most happen in the Pacific Ring of Fire

What causes earthquakes?

-when the earth's rock breaks

movements of plates under the earths surface

-Mercalli scale tells how muchdamage they create

Who studies earthquakes?

-a seismoligist studies earthquakes and seismic waves-seimoligies are called seismorgan-seismology is a branch of geophyics

What are the most devistating ones?

-One in Havxian, China, killed morethan 830,000 people-Most violent in the U.S at Anchorage, Alaska in March 1964-seismograph is used for recordingthe intensity of an earthquake

How can you protect yourself?

-Inside go under a sturdy table ,desk, or bed-Outside stay away from power lines and tall buildings-stay away from glass or anything that can fall

-the Ritchter scale -the Mercalli scale

How is the strength of an earthquakemeasured?

What state has the most earthquakes? A. Missouri B.Texas C.Alaska D.Arkansas



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