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Social Studies
Explorers and Discovers

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Anna B.


Discoveries Out of 3 voyages Ponce de Leon discovered many places including Florida, Puerto Rico, The Gulf Stream, and Hispaniola. About a decade after sailing with Christopher Columbus Ponce de Leon discovered Hispaniola. After exploring Hispaniola and becoming governor of Hispaniola, Ponce de Leon landed in Puerto Rico. After exploring Puerto Rico he landed in Florida.

Fun FactsPonce de Leon's cousin was Christopher Columbus. Ponce de Leon got married and had 3 kids.

Important Events  Born in 1460 in Santervas de Campos, Spain  Discovered Florida, Puerto Rico, The Gulf Stream, and Hispaniola (today know as the Dominican Republic and Haiti) Died in 1521 in Havana, Cuba

Juan Ponce de Leon

Death  Unfortunately Ponce de Leon died by a Native American shooting him in the leg with a Bow and Arrow. After getting shot, Ponce de Leon and his crew members sailed to Havana, Cuba were Ponce de Leon died in 1521.

Early Life  Juan Ponce de Leon was born on 1460 in Santervas de Campos, Spain. He was born to a poor but noble family. Ponce de Leon became a solider and fought in the war against the Moors in Granada. Soon after he fought in the war it was believed that he joined Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the new world.  After hearing there was rumors of gold near the islands of Puerto Rico, the King and Queen of Spain let Ponce de Leon go explore the islands. Ponce de Leon was off to conquer new land.


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Ponce de Leon's sponsors were the king and queen of Spain  Ponce de Leon had 3 voyages

Struggles Fought against Native Americans 3 words to describe him1. Brave2. Tough3. Accomplished GoalsPounce de Leon goals were to find gold and The Fountain of Youth


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