Ann Mathews

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Ann Mathews

In the 1850s, Ann Matthews was a middle-aged white woman who lived in a neighborhood filled with racial tension and suspicion.

- She told a twenty-three-year-old slave belonging to a local brick maker named Washington Rider, to run away and also to steal.

Ann Mathews

I am free!

- Born in Pennsylvania in 1805. Married with one daughter, Ann Jane. Arrived in Baltimore City with her husband no earlier than the 1830s.

InterestingsFacts-Ann was sentenced to serve ten years in the Maryland penitentiary, but the jury as well as a group of fellow citizens petitioned Governor Philip Francis Thomas recommending her pardon due to her advanced age and widowhood.

Ann Mathews was an important person in the under ground railroad because she helped black people escape. Her house was use as one of the stations.


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