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Ann M. Martin

Websites In this website you can see which babysitter character you relate to along with games and quizzes. of Ann M. Martin’s books can be found on these websites along with a summary of each. Also there is babysitting tips and ratings of the books. videos Ann shares her philosophy on why she writes and why reading is important. She also gives insight as to why she wrote her famous series video is a trailer of how the babysitters was later produced as a T.V series. website is the Babysitter Club Theme music

Ann M.Martin

FUN FACTS!•Her hobbies include needling, fostering cats, and gardening•Books involve real life experiences like divorce, disabilities such as someone being Deaf, and her characters are very diverse. EX: there is an African American and Chinese American babysitter.•She likes to make clothes for children •One of Ann’s favorite Author is Stephan king•She became pen pals with first reader to send her fan mail.

BIO Contact:•Ann M. Martin was born August 15, 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey. •She received an Education degree from Smith College. After being a teacher for some years, she became an editor and now is a full-time writer. •Using her life experiences as inspiration, she wrote the Babysitters Club book series. •Now at the age of 60, Ann lives with her pets in NY writing other novels.


Bummer Summer (1983)Missing Since Monday (1986)Yours Turly, Shirley (1988)Belle Teal (2001)A Corner of the Universe (2002)Here Today (2005)Novels and Sequels:Ten Kids, No Pets (1988)Eleven Kids, One Summer (1991)P.S. Longer Letter Later (1998) with Paula DanzigerSnail Mail No More (1999) with Paula DanzigerA Dog's Life: The Autobiography of a Stray (2005)Series:The Baby-Sitters Club series (1986–1990 & 2010)


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