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Ann Brashares

Ann Brashares started off as an editor while studying philosophy in college, while working she had found a new passion, writing books. Ann Brashares was born in Alexandria, Virginia on July 30, 1967, and grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and she three children and a husband. Currently, she is forty seven years old and her most recent book called “The Here and Now” published in 2014. Before Ann Brashares was a full time writer she worked as an editor, at that time she normally wrote small biographies. Her first novel was “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”, written in 2001, she got the idea to write this novel from her coworker that told her a story about girls that share pants. She also got the idea from her own experiences similar to the story. Now, there’s a whole series! In her career, she has written 13 novels, most of them being young adult novels and she’s received some awards for her fine writing. She’s won Book Sense Book of the Year Award for Children's Literature in 2002, and she’s also won Quill Award for Young adult/teen for her book called “Girls in Pants” in 2005. Ann always enjoyed classic books from the nineteenth century and she also prefers writing fiction. As a writer she sometimes struggles with how to handle her thoughts so the reader can understand what she is thinking. Her career can be tough at times but her family is there to support her and help give her great ideas.

Ann Brashares

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