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Ann Brashares

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Four friends have spent every summer together since the year they were born, but are about to spend their first summer apart. Before they go, the girls find a magical pair of faded jeans that fits all of them pefectly. The girls agree to share the pants over the summer, aand send them back and forth with letters as they travel.

Plot Summary:

The Sisterhood includes four close friends who have very distinct personalities.

There are three more Sisterhood books!

After you read the book....

Check out the movie.Do the characters look like you imagined them? Is the plot the same, or has it been changed?Did the movie include your favorite parts of the book?Which would you recommend to a friend? Why?

In ''The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants,'' three of the girls spend their summers travelling far from home. Carmen visits her father in Charleston South Carolina; click the picture below to learn more about Charleston. Bridget goes to soccer camp in Baja, California, and enjoy beaches like the one in the picture on the bottom left. Lena takes the longest journey, and visits her grandparents in Greece! Click the photo of the white and blue buildings for more information.

Since completeing the Sisterhood books, Ann Brashares has written three more novels: 3 WillowsThe Last Summer (of You and Me)My Name is MemoryMy Name is Memory is her most recent book, due out this summer.

*Girls in Pants

*The Second Summer of the Sisterhood

*Forever in Blue

The girls encounter unexpected friends, exotic guys, and even new family members in their summer of surprises. They stuggle to keep in touch, but also realize how much they depend on one another.

Bridget is bright and bold; Carmen in loving and impulsive. Lena is artistic and beautiful, while Tibby is reserved and sarcastic. It's a good thing they have been friends since birth, because they balance each other but probably wouldn't have found one another at school. Carmen is a rock for her friends, and it's her idea to share the pants so that they can be together when they are apart.


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