Anja´s Story

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Anja´s Story

- From a wealthy family- Well educated, knew many of languages which helped Vladek learn many new languages (helpful for him while he was in the camps)-Very emotionally unstable (deals with depression all through out her life and especially when Richieu dies)-Commits suicide in 1968 and this is very hard for Vladek to deal with (her burns all her diaries about her expierence during the war)

Anja's Story


-Marries Vladek in 1937-Gives birth to Richieu in late 1937-Vladek and Anja travel to a sanitarium in Czechoslovakia for Anja's severe case of depression in 1938-Anja and Vladek move to the ghetto in Srodula in 1943-In 1944, Anja and Vladek flee to Sosnowiec in effort to escape the Nazi's-Later in 1944 Anja and Vladek try to escape to Hungry with the help of smugglers but are caught by the Nazi's and sent to Auschwitz-After war is over, Anja and Vladek reunite in Poland and travel to Switzerland and eventually to the United States- Commits suicide in 1968


-Vladeks first wife-Mother of Richieu who died in 1944 (who was poisened to avoid being captured)-Mother of Art who was born in 1948 -Her father is a wealthy manufacturer who provides Vladek with his own textile factory (until it's invaded by the Germans in 1939)

Born: 1912Death:1968



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