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Anime Music

Anime music is the music crearted for Japanese style animation shows. This style of music can also be in Anime Music Videos (AMV) that are made by fans consisting of clips from one or more different animation shows

Anime Music

Tends to follow sounds of pop and rock musicMost have a high-pitch female singer accompaning electric or techno music However the can be male singers depending on the anime and the songThe vocals sound cartoon-likeOften has a melody of the music and vocals is accompanied with little harmonyMay have a heavy, thick texture (many layers of sound)

Holy night is an anime song sung by the artists Rie Kugimiya & Eri Kitamura. The song is included in the ending of the 19th episode and is also the ending them of the anime, Toradora. The song features a Christmas theme that sounds very merry and has a cheerful tune!

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