animation evolution

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animation evolution

Animation Evolution

This early animation is from 1916 - this is an early attempt to create a fantasy world in animation.

This animation features the very famous Betty Boop and a famous jazz band lkeader named Cab Calloway. You can hear and see the advances made in animation of the next 30 years - Betty Boop was made in the 1930's. Max Fleisher made these cartoons and he went on to make Popeye and other cartoons.

The two animations below are contemporary - which means they were made recently. What are the biggest changes that have taken place in animation?

This animation is called "Fenomenon" which is the name of the band that plays the music. The characters are pixilated and they make use of orthographic camera. Animation by Tom Idaul, 2005

Cantina Simple by Dxvid, 2005 - from the Lucas Arts Studio.

This animation if from 1900 and from the Thomas Edison Studios.


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