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How have they Changed?

Why have animated T.V

cartoons changed over time?

General McBoing Boing truely established this new style of what we see today on T.V, He also won an accademy Award

How have T.V. cartoons changed? Well there are many anwsers to that question but I'm only telling you 3 right now, #1 because of newer tecnoligy that was being invented and is still being invented,

#2 cells were invented and saved much time, And last but not least,

#3 they stream line animation process by using story bourds helped to speed up the process too.

the style started around the late 1940's - the mid 1950's too

Why have they made the cartoons more realistic?

they made alot of cartoons more 3D like because like I said before tecnology changed and it also is good to pramote different tecnology

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