Animals of the nile

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Animals of the nile

The dromedary camel is the second lagest camel in the world. It is found throughout Egypt. Jackals live near the Nile River. The mythical God, Anubis, has the head of a jackal. Cats can be found near the Nile, and are the symbol of the God, bast. Cats stand for grace and poise because of the way they hunt their prey. Hippos are found near the Nile and are a danger to boats. People fear the hippos because of their huge mouths, teeth, size, and aggressive nature when angered. The sacred beetle, or kheper as they say in Egypt, is a famous bug. Its symbol is as sacred to Egyptians as the cross is to Christians. Then there's the famous Nile crocodile. These crocodiles can eat just about anything they want.

- Damian Butt, Marco Peroni, Aaron Asadi, and James Hanbury from Solutions from Marrow from



my research question:what types of animals live near the Nile?

Animals of the Nile

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