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Animals In Space


What Was The First Animal In Space?

Some of the first rockets probrably carried some kind of bacteria or other life form, but the first known animal in space was thefruit fly.They sent them to space aboard theU.S V-2 rocket on February 20th,1947.They were launched from White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The flies reached 68 miles in 3 minutes and 10 seconds. The fruit flies started to descend and shortly after landed safley on Earth.

Why Do We Send Animals To Space?

What Was The Most Recent Animal Go Into Space?

What Are Some Of The Stangest Animals That Have Been Sent To Space?

What Are Different Ways We Send Animals To Space?

Some strange animals that have been sent into space are newts, turtles, scorpions, jellyfish, roundworms, spiders, snails, bees, and tardigrades.

What Is A Tardigrade?

A tardigrade, also known asa waterbear of moss piglet,is a microscopic, eight-legged water-dwelling creature. Thesesmall creatures were sent intospace in September of 2007.

The most recent animal inspace were mice. These rodents were sent to the ISS on September 23, 2014 aboard the SpaceX CRS-4. The mice were sent to space in order to study the long term effects zero-gravity.

- The first animal to leave theatmosphere was a sheep,rooster and a duck in a hotair balloon 1783.-As of January 9th,2014, therehas now been an ant farm on theISS-Instead of swimming in straight lines, fish and tadpoles swim in loops in space.-The Soviet Union is selling a space dog suit for 6475.56 US Dollars.-It only takes a couple of minutes for animals to adapt to microgravity.

When exploring space, we do not know all of the effects of microgravity. Instead of risking valuable human lives, we test the effects on various animals.

Fun Facts!

The first animals to go to space went in rocketsand missiles. Animals nowgo to space in rockets andsattelites and some times orbit the Earth in the ISS.

Laika, The first dog in space,getting in her spacecraft.

Six cats who were sent to space insideof these tiny boxes.

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A monkey examining himselfin his spacesuit.


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