Animal Testing

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Animal Testing

Companies that test on animals - Nestle - Coca-Cola - Pepsi - Mars - Unilever - Subbrands = Ben and Jerry's, Hellmans and I can't believe its not buter - Selling products to other countries (China) - Tests are often extremely painful and ultimatley lead to the animals death

The Drug industry: including Prescription medicines, off the counter medicines, and hospital administered medicines.-Death percentage in testing: 90%-Over 100,000,000 animals tested-Beagles are common in drug testing-FDA has extensive requirements before opening the sale of a drug to the public.


Processed Food

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Animal Testing

Cosmetics and Hygenics

Examples of drugs being tested:-Oxycontinn & other pain killers-Cancer Treatments-Cold and Flu remedies-Birth Control-Inhalers-liquid medicines-IV fluids

for more information check out the google document

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