Animal Talk 2010 3o

by conditlab
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Animal Talk 2010 3o

Each third grade student chose an animal to research. Learning about their habitat, geographical location, physical description diet, and an interesting fact.The students used KidPix Studio Deluxe to illustrate their animal and to record their voice and make their animals speak. Special thanks to Natural History Notebooks and Sea World's Animal Bytes web sites for providing wonderful information about animals.

Animal Talk

"Natural History Notebooks Home Page." Canadian Museum of Nature - Musée Canadien De La Nature. Web. 16 Apr. 2010. <>."ANIMAL INFO - Animal Bytes." SeaWorld/Busch Gardens ANIMALS - HOME. Web. 16 Apr. 2010. <> - Got a Picture? Blabberize It! Web. 16 Apr. 2010. <>.Illustrations were drawn using KidPix Studio Deluxe software


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