Animal Rights

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Animal Rights

ByChloe Byun

I believe animals should be treated with respect and consideration. The way food was produced as viewed in Food Inc. was inhumane and definitely a cruel reality we as a community should face and improve.

Farmers should have both the right and the obligation to raise animals in a fair manner; this included a proper environment to live in, a healthy and appropriate diet, and the freedom of simply walking around in a grass field during growth.


Health Class D Block

Furthermore, household pets should be raised in a non-hostile environment, surrounded by people who will give it love, care, and safety. Not only are animals our friends, but pets are our family.

We, as consumers of this huge food industry we know barely about, have the complete right to know exactly how our food is produced, and how it is handled before it is finally delivered to our local grocery store.Here is a video of the truth behind the steak you had for dinner last night:


Are your food products organic?


I barely consume fast foods, being more educated and aware of what I would actually be putting inside of me. My family - but more my own knowledge and feelings towards these foods - influences me not to consume fast foods, such as greasy french fries or hot buffalo wings.

A family should always try to make the healthiest, most beneficial food choices no matter the what their income is. Although healthier options tend to be pricier, choosing the more nutritious - for example, a salad instead of a big mac - is extremely significant for both the children and the parents in terms of health and well-being.


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