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Asian Golden CatBy Kara Da

Common Name: Asian Golden CatScientific Name: Pardofelis temminckiiKingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ChordataClass: MammaliaOrder: CarnivoraFamily: FelidaeGenus: PardofelisSpecies: P. temminckii

HabitatContinent: AsiaCountry: CambodiaBiome/Climate: Tropical Rainforest BiomeWeather/Climate: Nov.-Feb weather is cool and dry. March-May weather is hot and dry. June-July weather is hot and wet. Sept. Early Nov. Weather is cool and wet. Geographic Features: Most of the terrain is flat and low plains, there are some mountains in the north and southwest of Cambodia. Plants: Pitcher Plant, Globba, GardeniaOther Common Animals: Agile Gibbon, Asian Black Bear, Asian Elephant, Wild Cat, Water Buffalo

DescriptionHeight: Male-20 inches tall Female-20 inches tallWeight: Male-8-15kg. Female-8-15kg.Skin Covering: Fur that varies in browns, reds, golds, and silvers. Special Caractersitics/Adaptaions: Spotted fur is a ressesive characteristicVertebrate or Invertebrate: Vertebrate

Does the Asian Golden Cat migrate?No, It does not migrate.

BreedingSexual Maturity: Female 18-24 months Male 24 monthsCourtship and Mating Rules: Every 39 days females leave markings and seek out males to mate with. During intercoutse males bite the skin of the female with it's teeth. Gestation Period: 78-80 daysLive or young eggs? Live.

How is the Asian Golden Cat treated in Cambodia?The Asian Golden Cat is treated well meaning that they are closely watched because they are on the near threatened list.

Related SpeciesAfrican Golden Cat - Carasal aurataMarbled cat - Pardofelis marmorataBay cat - Pardofelis badia

Life StyleSocial Grouping: Territoral and solitaryCalls:Warning Displays:Nocturanal/Diurnal: Primary NocturnalHome: Dry rocky areasSymbosis: No.Special Survival Behaviors: Territorial and solitary. Asian Golden Cats climb trees when nessesary.


What would happen if the asian golden cat was extinct?The animals that the Asian Golden Cat eats would most likely become overpoppulated .What would happen if the Asian Golden Cat was extinct?The animals that the Asian Golden Cat eats population would decrease.

DietWhat does the Asian Golden Cat Eat? In the wild Asian Golden Cats eat birds, large rodents, reptiles, small ugulates ect. In captivity they eat small prey that people give them to eat/hunt.What eats your the Asian Golden Cat? Nothing eats it.Ecoysystem: The Asian Golden Cat maintains the popuation of the small animals that they eat.

Fun Facts1. The Asian Golden Cat was originally classified as 2 different species the "golden cat" and the "silver cat"2.It is refered to as "the leopards brother" because they live in the same habitats3.In captivity they live up to 20 years4. They are also known as the Asiatic Golden Cat5. In Thailand it is known as the "seua fai" (fire tiger) because the legend of buring them would lead them away from your village.


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