Animal nutritionist

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Animal nutritionist

Animal Nutritionst

Career Overveiw:Help increase the understanding of the diet of an animal.

Licensing required for job:CA dosent need one

Physical Demands:Sometimes you can be involved by weighing or handling the animals.

Skills needed:1)able to research2)able to coomunicate3)Self managemnt and motivation

Tuition: 20,800$

North Carolina State University College of Veterinary MedicineOklahoma-State-University

Average salary of an Animal Nutritionist is $72,930, salaries start from $36,370 and go up to $123,670.

Career AdvancementsWork in Animal NutritionTeach in it as well.

Work activites coomon to career:Help work with Veterinarians

Work in various places such as farms, offices, labatories, zoo, and feed companys.

Employment outlook supposed to grow by 16%

Degrees include;Biochemistry, Biosciences, Agricutltural food and sport sciences.


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