Animal Migration

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Animal Migration

Animals on the Move!Every year, thousands of animals leave their homes in search of a greater source of food, a partner to mate with, or a place to have their babies. Some animals travel through great lengths for these, and other reasons, every year. Some of these wild road trips can last more than the animals lifespan! Scientists attempt to learn more and more each year about these journeys. Although we may know why they do it, it is always intriguing as to how they do it and the distances and places they travel to. These animal adventures are an AMAZING part of life on Earth and a great way for us to learn more about the other living organisims we share this planet with!

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Images courtesy of Luna sin estrellas, G. Frank Peterson, La Lince via Flicker

Animal Migration!!!

Images via flickr, courtesy ofG. Frank PetersonLa LinceLuna sin estrellas


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