Animal Metaphors in Maus

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Animal Metaphors in Maus

Animal Metaphors in Maus

Spiegelman portrays Jewish characters in the story as mice. This metaphor works to craft a connection between the jews and other people in the book. The depiction of jews as mice gives off the idea that they are: - Harmless-The prey of Germans (cats)-Thought of as dirty and gross-Forced to hide

Jews as Mice

Spiegelman portrays the American characters in Maus as dogs. This, again, aids in illustrating the animal metaphor in the story. Dogs, the Americans, chase after cats, the Germans, and in turn, protect the mice, the Jews. The depiction of Americans as dogs gives off the idea that they are:-Protective-Compassionate and friendly-Predator of Germans

Spiegelman portrays the German characters in the book as cats. This idea illustrates to the reader that the germans, the cats, are the predator to the Jews, the mice. The depiction of Germans as cats gives off the idea that they are-Sneaky -The predator of Jews-Scared of Americans (dogs)

Americans as Dogs

Germans as Cats


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