Animal habitat

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Animal habitat

WHAT IS A HABITAT?A habitat is where a plant, animal or organism lives.

Animal habitats

DesertAnimals and plants in the desert can live in very hot conditions. It rarely rains in the desert. Only certain animals can surive here and must adapt to these harsh conditions. One of the animals found here, the camel stores water for very hot days. About 1/3 of the earth is deserts, however they are not all covered in sand!

Life in the desert


OceanThe ocean is home to many different types of fish, plants, and marine animals. The largest and deepest ocean is the Pacific. Many sea animals live in the Coral reef. Jellyfish love sea water, but be careful, they sting!


JungleIn the jungle, you can find many types of animals such as tigers, giraffes, monkeys, zebras and very colorful birds. There are also many plants in the jungle. You can also find many tall trees which are home to many animals and a jungle gym for monkeys!

Did you know?A blue whale's tongue is so large that 50 people can stand on it!



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