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Animal Glog 2015

ClassificationKingdom -anamilia-Phylum-chordata-Class-mammalia-Order-carnivoraFamily-ursidae-Genus-ursusSpecies-

polar bear

factsthe polar bear can be found in the arctic of antarctica.they live there with many animals including: arctic fox, arctic wolf, and arctic seals. those animals are the polar bears prey. the polar bears only predetor is the human.

Food Chainthe polar bear is at the top of its food chain. the polar bear eats the arctic seal. the arctic seal eats the fish. the fish might eat plants whitch would be the producer.

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Shared Resourcesthe polar bear shares the water and snow with all the the other animals in the arctic. while the polar bear uses the snow for a home and water for drinking, the seal uses the water for swimming and snow for a home. the polar bear shares resources withe the wolves and foxes, whitch use them for the same thing.

Ecosystems the polar bear lives in the cold areas of the world. In antarctica, polar bears live in ice caves. They almost always live near coastal ice fields. When seals move, polar bears move.

Bibliographypolar bear.comclacifacation of the polar bear

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