[2015] Bennett Cocherell: Animal Glog 2015 (Blue Belly Lizard)

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[2015] Bennett Cocherell: Animal Glog 2015 (Blue Belly Lizard)

ClassificationKingdom -anaminila Phylum-chordataClass-reptiliaOrder-squamentaFamily-phrynosomatidaeGenus-sceloporusSpecies-s.occidentailis

Blue Belly Lizard

Miscellaneous Facts:Did you know that when a Lyme Disease infected tic bites a Blue Belly Lizard it will not get infected with the disease. In fact the Blue Belly Lizard contains an anti-bacterial componant that infected tic injests making the tic Lyme Disease free.

Food Chain

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Shared Resources:The Blue Belly Lizard shares its habitat with different animals. The Bue Belly Lizard shares the habitat with coyotes, hawks and snakes. while the Blue Belly Lizard uses the habitat for its home the hawks, snakes and coyotes use it for their hunting grounds.

Ecosystems:The living things in the Blue Belly Lizard's ecosystem are mountain lions, foxes, hawks, various insects and many different plants. The non-living things are the sun, water and air. One example of an interaction is between soil, plants, animals and clouds. Plants absorb water and mineral nutrients. The plants give off oxygen, which the animals breathe in. The animals exhale carbon dioxide, which go back into the plants. The nutrients in the soil come from the animal waste and the water comes from the clouds.



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