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[2015] Andrew Redshaw: Animal Glog 2015


Bald Eagle

Miscellaneous FactsThere are about 300,000-500,000 bald eagles in the U.S.A. Bald eagles capture their prey by diving down at them from an angle. Bald eagles can reach up to 10,000 feet with wind currents. Some nests from this eagle have been known to weigh 1 ton. Bald eagle can go up to 100 miles per hour when diving.

Bald Eagle Food Chain

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Ecosystem The bald eagle can be found in the tiaga of North America . They live their along with many animals, including other birds, reptiles, fish, insects, and mammals. Some of the prey of the bald eagle are fish, carrion, turtles, and some rodents. The bald eagle has to watch out for its predators, including humans, great horned owls, racoons and, squirrels. The great horned owls, racoons, and squirrels feed on the bald eagles eggs.

Shared Resources The bald eagle shares plants with different animals. The bald eagle shares the plants with mice. While the bald eagle uses the plants for nests, the mice uses it for food. The bald eagle also shares the plants with the turtles. The turtle uses it for food.

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