[2015] Elyse Koenig: Animal Glog 2015

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[2015] Elyse Koenig: Animal Glog 2015

ClassificationKingdom- AnimaluaPhylum- ChordataClass- MammaliaOrder- CarnivoraFamily- CanidaeGenus- CanisSpecies- Lupus Familiars

German Shepherd

MiscellaneousfactsThe German shepherd can be found in the grassland?mountains of Central Europe and many other places. They live there along with many other animals, including: cats, other house pets, sheep, cattle and other animals they might herd. Some of the prey of the German shepher are birds, squirrels, and other small rodents. The German shepherd has to watch out for for its predators, including: humens, sometimes mountain lions, and bears.

Food Chain

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Shared ResourcesThe Germann shepherd shares homes with the humens. Humens share the food with German shepherd. While the German shepherd uses food for surviving, the humens use it for surviving as well. The German shepherd shares the water with the humams. The humans use it for surviving.

Ecosystems The ecosystem of the German Shepherd is grassland/mountain. Most of the German Shepherds today are held as house pets, so that means they can be shipped anywhere to houses for police, armies, sheepdog, companion dog, guard dog, and guide dog for the blind.

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