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Animal Foundation


From pet adoption events and fundraisers to happy hours and more, we plan tons of awesome events for you and your family. Check out our events calendar to view what’s coming up! You must be 12-16 to volunteer or 16 and older. Doggie Daycare-Are you a dog person? Hang out with our dogs! Take them on walks, play with them, and show them some love!Kitty Cuddler- Cat people, this one’s for you! Show some love to our furry felines!Adoptions Rockstar-If you think finding a new home for a shelter pet is the BEST THING EVER, this opportunity is for you! Help our visitors adopt a shelter pet (you’ll be trained to do everything but the final adoption fee transaction)!B-Mod (Behavior Modification) Squad-Love the pups? Work with some of our doggie residents who are timid or need a little bit of training. A little extra attention could help them find a forever home faster!Pup-parazzi-If you’ve got a knack for photography, join our team of photographers and take photos of our adoptable pets for our website!

In 1978 they were originally a shelter and people kept leaving animals at their shelter so they tried getting them adopted and over time people gave money and they grew and grew and more and more people began living in Vegas and making them who they are today. Most people say Jamie Gale started the Animal Foundation.

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Their mission is to climate the tragedy of pet over population


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Adopt Cindy today!

Adopt Brooklyn today!


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