Animal Farm

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Animal Farm


Your parents probably read children's farm books like Old MacDonald Had a Farm and Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? to you as a kid. But Animal Farm takes this to the next level! With animals building windmills and pigs engaging in complex diplomatic relations!

Farm Stories to the next level!

By George Orwell

In the novel ANIMAL FARM it starts out with us seeing old Major, a boar, who called all the animals of Manor Farm to a meeting. There he discusses a dream he had, a dream where animals were free of human enslavement, a society were animals ruled! The animals, roused by this dream and the fact that Mr.Jones, the farm owner, constantly abuses and neglects the animals, causes them to promptly rebel. After a quick fight, Mr. Jones is left evicted, along with his wife, from the farm. The animals then decide to rename Manor Farm, Animal Farm. The Animals then quickly realize, after long celebration, that being free is not as free as they think, and that freedom comes at a heavy price...

Summary of ANIMAL FARM

Old Major: The award winning boar who tells the animals of Manor Farm his dream.Napoleon: The male pig who declared himself in charge of Animal Farm.Snowball: The male pig who was exiled from Animal Farm by Napoleon, branded a traitor.Boxer: The hard working horse who always works harder.The Hens: A group of hens who are slaughtered for conspiring against Animal FarmThe Dogs: A group of vicious dogs who work as Napoleon's guards.Benjamin: An old donkey who remembers everything.The Sheep: A group of sheep who aren't very bright and go along with everything Napoleon says.Mr. Jones: The negligent owner of Manor Farm, was left evicted from the farm by the Animals.The Pigs: A group of aristocratic Pigs who run the government and proclaim themselves as superior.

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