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Animal Farm Characters and Events_Gina Fuller

AKA Karl Marx/Vladimir LeninOld Major reflects both of these men and their type of collective society; this society is based on a code made to be followed by the masses.

AKA Czar Nicholas IIBoth Farmer Jones and Czar Nicholas II are not competent enough to run a community, and are abusive with their responsibilities.

Farmer Jones

AKA Leon TrotskySnowball the pig represents Leon Trotsky by being known as the inferior and weaker opponent in a power struggle.

AKA Joseph StalinNapoleon mimics the actions of Stalin through the use of military force and intimidation to keep control over the public.

AKA PropagandaSquealer was a personified version of propaganda. He bent the truth to aid in the positive promotion of a dictator. In the farm, Napoleon was the dictator, while in actual historical events, the dictator was Joseph Stalin.

Old Major



AKA Czar Nicholas' II exileJust as the Romanov czar was threatened into exile, so was Farmer Jones. The people/animals had enough with their "leaders."

AKA Totalitarian OppositionJessie represents the opposition to totalitarian rule; she is a symbol of the group that opposed a dictator. This representation of a single person in the opposition shows how hopeless any rebels were.

AKA Leon Trotsky's exileSnowball, Napoleon's opponent, gets run out of the farm just as Leon Trotsky, Stalin's opponent was run out of Russia.

AKA The Communist ManifestoThe Communist Manifesto outlined a code of conduct and rules that were meant to be followed by the public, much like "animalism."

AKA Russian Civil WarThe fighting takes place in the very country (in this case, farm) both armies originally come from.

Snowball GetsChased off theFarm

Humans Attemptto Take the farmBack

Farmer JonesKicked off theFarm

The Commandmentsof Animalism



Animal Farm to Russian Revolution:Characters and Events Parallel


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