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Another Glog By The Geography l GloggerThe votes has come in - BBT Season 2 - 79BBT Season 1 - 67 Another Rap - 85An Informative Glog - 258 - Clear Vote Winner!Pokemon Black And White Details - 199So Here It Is - Stop Extinction of Species Now!

These are examples of Endangered Species -: Sabretooth Tiger: Dodo Bird: Caspian Tiger: Tasmanian Tiger: Quagga: Veliquent Sea Cow: Irish Deer: English Wolf(Scroll down for more): Pliestecine: Cave Goats: Eurasian Aurochs: Woodland Rhino: Wolly Rhinoceros: Tobias's Catissfly: European Ass: European LionAs listed above, we have a serious problem! These are about 15 of the 10's of thousands of endangered animal species! So watch out!

Just a message to all fellow citizens of mother earth -Stop harming our environment, stop harming out earth's species, stop harming our earth's habitat. Don't be in denial! There is a time in everyone's life where they may pollute some scrap, or anything along the (Scroll down for more) lines of this, but every little thing hurts our environments species! Every little thing! Once a animal species is extinct, you'll regret your actions because you know that you contributed to this environmental crisis!

Just a message to all fellow citizens of earth -As for message number two, this is directed to the industrial district of the earth. When you (Scroll down for more)pollute your smog and fumes into the air, and when you pollute your oil and trash into the water, you are greatly contributing to the extinction of our animals! Learn that the sky is for the animals of the air, not for your toxic fumes, and the water is for the animals of the sea, not your trash. So please, please, just stop! Please, take one for mother earth!

Here are some tactics as to how we can stop extinction of the Earth's animals - Before I list tactics, I would like to state a fact. Did you know that there are 6,500 endangered species in the United States! The sad thing is, only 1,200 of them are listed! Absolutelty trecharous! Just Sad!Now, it's time to list the tactics! First of all, stop Deforestation. Deforestation (Scroll down for more information) destroys amimal habitat, and even destroys the animals themselves. What if the crushed animal is the last of it's species. You, solely are responsible for the extinction of the species.Next, and finally, is the fact of pollution. As I have listed in the industrial notice, the sky is for animals of the sky, not for smog, smoke, and all kinds of gas pollution. And the sea is for the animals of the sea, so don't throw your KFC or McDonalds in there, or whatever it may be! These are tactics to stop extinction.