Animal Cruelty

by BW005
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Animal Cruelty

Pigeon Hunting I have always hated it when someone was cruel to an animal. As much as I loved my brother Tim, I hated that he used his BBgun to hunt pigeons in my Uncle's barn. I was in the 4th grade, and my brother was a 3rd grader. He had just gotten his BBgun for Christmas, and it was in January that the incident happened. My mother had told him NOT to shoot animals with his gun. He was only to use it for target practice. Yeah, right. Like that was gonna happen! The first chance he got, he headed to the barn and looked for something live to shoot at. I knew that was what he was planning, so I followed him. Sure enough, when I reached the hayloft, there were four dead pigeons on the floor. I ran back to the house and told my mom! She sent me back to the barn to tell him to stop, and just as I poked my head up through the door to the hayloft, I felt a sting to my left eyelid! One of the bb's had ricocheted off a piece of metal, and hit me in the eye. I must have closed my eyelid as a reflex action, because I sure had a black and blue eye for a long time. To this day I will not hold a gun, and I hate being around them. My sons don't have to worry that I am going to horn in on their hunting.

Animal Cruelty!

Tim - 3rd Grade

My brother Tim and I after his graduation from Air Force basic training in TX.

These look just like the pigeons he was shooting!

The movie A Christmas Story inspired my brother to want his BBGun. It was a Red Ryder!

"You'll shoot your eye out!"

I almost blinded my sis!



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