Animal Classification: Vertebrates

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Animal Classification: Vertebrates

AmphibiansFrogs, toads, newts, and salamanders.- Webbed feet.- Lay many eggs at a time.- Breathe with gills and lungs.- Moist, smooth skin. (hairless)- Live in water and on land.

Birds- Have feathers and a beak.- Have 2 wings and 2 legs.- Some birds fly, but not all birds fly.- Lay eggs.- Instead of ears, birds have ear holes.

Mammals- Have fur or hair.- Nurse their young with milk.- Give birth to live young (not eggs).- Breathe with lungs.- YOU are a mammal!- Whales and dolphins are also mammals.

Animal Classification: Vertebrates

Classify: find what is similar and sort it into groups!

Vertebrates have spinal cords.You have a spine!Touch your back and feel your backbone!

Warm-bloodedBody temperature stays the same when outside temperature changes.

Fish- Breathe with gills.- Live in water.- Lay many eggs at a time.- Have fins and scales.- Some fish live in fresh water and some fish live in salt water.

Cold-bloodedBody temperature changes as outside temperature changes.

Frog life cycle

Reptiles- Have scales and dry skin.- Usually lay eggs.- Have no legs or 4 legs- Instead of ears, reptiles have ear holes.- Live on land and in water.


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