Animal Cells

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Cell Biology

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Animal Cells

Animal CellsThe eukaryotic cells.

A. Nuclear MembraneThe nuclear membrane seperates the nucleus from the cytoplasm.

B. ChromatinThe chromatin is a form of hereditary material made of proteins and DNA.

C. Nucleolus The nucleolus is directed by the nucleus of the animal cell.

D. CytoplasmThe cytoplasm contains many chemicals including a large amount of water.

E. Cell Membrane The cell membrane helps to maintain a chemical balance between materials inside and outside the cell.

G. Ribsome The ribsome recieves directions from the hereditary material on the nucleus on how and when to make specific proteins.

F. Endoplasmic reticulum ( ER)The ER is a floded membrane that moves materials around in the cell.

H. Vacuole The vacuole contains the digetsive chemicals and many other substances.

I. MitochondriaThe mitochondria are organelles where food molecules are broken down and energy is released.

J. LysosomesThe lysosomes are organelles that contain digestive chemicals that break down food molecules,etc.

K. Golgi bodies Golgi bodies package cell products to be moved outside of the cell.



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