Animal Cells

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Animal Cells

2.Lysosomes: These are membrane bound sacs containing enzymes needed to break down unnecessary parts of the cell for reuse.

4.Golgi Apparatus: The proteins formed and bounded by the ER need to be processed so as to perform normal functions.

1.Cell Membrane: The cell membrane is the outer most part of the cell which encloses all the other cell organelles. The cell membrane controls the influx of the nutrients and minerals in and out of the cell.

Animal cell is a form of eukaryotic cell that makes up the body tissues and thus organs. The animal cell is pretty distinct from a plant cell. Cell wall and chloroplast are present in plant cells, while animal cells do not have cell walls. Some parts of animal cells are:-

The Fundamental Unit Of Life

Animal Cells

3.Mitochondria: Mitochondria are among the largest cell organelles also known as the engine house of the cells.


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