Animal Biotechnology

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Animal Biotechnology

Animal Biotechnology

Historic ApplicationsSome of its uses where traditional breeding techniques to cross animals and make them more diverse. This was done to create animals that acquired the most desireable traits. Another tactic that was used was knockout technology. This is when a specific gene would be inactivated in an animal. When this was done, the scientist would then observe the test subject for changes. By using this technology, scientists were able to identify how certain genes affected a person. The knock out system can also open up options for replacement organs from animal to human. Because animal and human organs aren't compatible, scientists can knock out the gene in the animal’s organ that would have signaled the new organ and foreign when placed in a human.


DefinitionAnimal Biotechnology is the use of engineering and science to modify living organisms.Its goal: to better agricultural uses, improve animals and create products.Can be used to clone, add genes and take away genes or duplicate them.

Current ApplicationsTransgenics: is the transferring of one gene from an organism to another. This is done through gene splicing, in which a certain sequence of DNA is cut out of an organism, and is placed in another organism by chopping that DNA at a certain point to match upCloning: Scientists also use cloning techniques to reproduce mammals to create animals with superior genetics and traits. For this technique to be used, scientists must perform a somatic cell nuclear transfer (also known as SCNT). To do this, they remove an oocyte replacing it with a nucleus from an adult cell. This new embryo is then implanted in the uterus of the animal to develop.

Used In Our Daily LivesBecause of animal biotechnology, Scientists were able to enhance the nutritional value and its health for both the animals and humans. It also creates a cheaper market for meat and dairy. Biotechnology is in the food we eat everyday.

Controversy Despite the benefits biotechnology gives us, there are some controversies over it. Some people are uncomfortable with the genetic modifications made to animals. a pull made in 2004 showed 64% of people saw this immorally wrong. Other controversies over biotechnology cover its health and environmental effects.

Predictions Into The Future:Animal biotechnology to the government, is closely related with Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In the future, they decide if meat and dairy from cloned animals will be safe to sell to the public.It is also expected that advances will be made in the area of animal to human organ transplants and operations. Scientists grow organs and hearts in an animal by adding human cells through stem cell biology and gene editing.

Overlapping AreasAnimal biotechnology overlaps with nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, biomanufacturing, and more. They mainly correlate with biomedical companies. The use of animals is how we test genes and other possible medications to observe their effectiveness before sending it to the medical field. Food production and medicine are the main focuses in biotechnology.


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